Smoking Green – will it cure warts?

I love it when I hear about ‘links between this and that’ when it comes to medical science. ‘Smoking causes cancer’, ‘eating broccoli will increase your libido’, ‘carrots will make you see in the dark’, and ‘dragon fruit will help grow your penis’. Ok, maybe I’m making shit up :)

But a weird one I heard the other day is that smoking weed can help cure warts. This just sounds friggin odd to me. Maybe rubbing marijuana on your warts could help, or a cream made from resin perhaps, but smoking?

I guess I just need to reach out to you guys and girls to see if any of you have warts, or maybe have had warts disappear while you’ve been choofing! I’ve always used Wartrol when I’ve had warts so I cant say if green has helped. I’m curious if this really is the case, or if someone was just blowing smoke up my ass :)

Cheer smokers!

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A quick follow up to the weight loss post

I’ve had time to think a little more about the last post, and I have to say, quitting smoking sucks! :)

I haven’t had one for months, and had no desire for one. I’d even gone off the electronic cigarettes and nicotine gum. But the other day, I was stressed at work and a damn craving kicked in. And my only option was to go down the hall to the snack machine and grab a candy bar. Icky :(

So now I’ve had a brain wave and started carrying some fat burning supplements around with me. My favorite at the moment is Phen375 but there’s heap of options. Not only does it help control appetite, it give me something to put in my mouth instead of a cigarette or candy. I think its a great alternate. Plus, I’m gone back to having some sugar-free gum handy too. It’s an ex-smoker’s best friend.

Thanks for ready, hope my journey is helping you through yours.

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Do you put on weight when you quit smoking?

The worst thing about quiting smoking is gaining weight, isn’t it. That feeling of having something in your mouth. And the easy replacement for that delicious cigarette is some even more delicious chocolate!

I’ve tried quiting a few times and each time I’ve ballooned as I’ve filled up with candy instead of smoke. Luckily, I’ve got a few ideas to help you out.

Number one, of course, is to use electronic cigarettes. They’ll let you gradually cut down the nicottine, and at the same time, keep up that hand-to-mouth action so you don’t have to replace it with food.

The second, which was a huge help last time I quit (and this time is definately the last time!), is I added regular exercise to my routine. With the massive amount of money saved, I’ve joined the gym, purchased some good gym clothes, and signed up with a personal trainer for a session every week. And I still have change left over! The beauty is, once you start feeling healthier from the exercise, you really don’t want to smoke any more, and you also wont want to eat crap because it will negate the hard work youre doing. win win!

And my last tip is to add a herbal appetite suppressant like UniqueHoodia to your daily routine to curb your hunger.

So try these three things. Your chances of quitting successfully will improve dramatically, and you’ll keep off those extra pounds. Try it and prove me wrong!

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